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Do we recycle?


(We have for years and at no extra cost to our customers)

When most people think of recycling they think of having to separate everything into multiple containers that they place at the curb for special pickup.

That is not the case with us you never have to separate or even touch your waste/trash. We recycle by taking all of our customers waste/trash to Covanta’s Trash to Energy Plant so everything including household garbage can be turned into energy.

It reduces the volume of waste to be disposed of by 90% and generates valuable renewable energy. It also results in a net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional landfill practices.

It is the most responsible alternative to landfill disposal.

Did you know?

  • Over 250 million tons of trash are buried each year in U.S. landfills
  • The average person dumps 4.5 pounds of waste into landfills every day?
  • Or that the 250 million tons of trash in landfills is enough to bury 16,000 football fields, 10 feet deep?
  • Or that if more people followed the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover energy-from-waste) we’d reduce greenhouse gases by a gigaton – the equivalent of closing 1,000 large coal-fired power plants and building 2,000,000 one megawatt windmills?

Covanta process 20 million tons of solid waste each year which conserves over 25 million cubic yards of landfill space and generates 9 million megawatt hours of electricity - enough clean, renewable energy to power for more than one million homes.

They also recycle over 550,000 tons of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal annually. The equivalent amount of steal that would be used to build nearly six Golden Gate Bridges and in the production of over three billion aluminum beverage cans.

Would you like to learn more? Like us on Facebook where we have posted a video or copy and paste the link below to watch!!

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